RaYdiation 2011/2012

La Solarisation!

Man Ray and Lee Miller made this technique célèbre. In view of 21st Century Events, I have adapted the name. The principle remains the same : a partially-developed negative is exposed to white light. The result is a mixure of chance and foresight.

kc after shower raydiation- kc dos- garlic garlic still life 2 pigeon 8 kc lozenge stockings sheepskin slippers & lacroix kc lozenge stockings 5 kc bodystocking 2 kc bodystocking 3 real kc veil & pocket watch kc lozenge stockings 2 striped swimsuit 2 wedding dress wedding dress on bed 2 fishy business fishy business 3 taffeta floral dress pinup 3 pinup 6 taffeta floral dress 4 ostrich boa kc & andy 3 kc & charly 5 charly cigar 3 margaux & georgia ct margaux & georgia 3 charly little girl charly shoes 4 margaux lunettes 2 thani emile vigne emile creeper emile chat evelyne & laura b kc evelyne & laura 4 kc evelyne & sylvie 6